Cefoperazone Sulbactam 1 g

Indication :
Monotherapy : For the treatment of the following infections caused by sensitive organisms : Respiratory tract infections (upper and lower), urinary tract infections (upper and lower), peritonitis, cholecystitis, cholangitis and other intra-abdominal infections, skin and soft tissue infections.
Combination therapy : Because of the broad spectrum of activity of Cefoperazone Sodium-Sulbactam Sodium, most infections can be treated adequately with antibiotic alone. However, Cefoperazone Sodium-Sulbactam Sodium may be used concomitantly with other antibiotics if such Combination are indicated. if an Aminoglycoside is used, renal function should be monitored during the course of therapy.

Composition : Each vial Cefoperazone Sodium-Sulbactam Sodium Powder for injection 1 g contains Cefoperazone sodium and Sulbactam sodium equivalent
to Cefoperazone 500 mg and Sulbactam 500 mg.

Presentation : Cefoperazone Sodium-Sulbactam Sodium Powder for injection 1 g Box, 1 vial @ 1 g

On medical prescription only.
Store below 30⁰C, protect from light.
The reconstituted solution is stable for 7 days at temperature 2- 8 °C and for 24 hours at below 25°C.

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